Friday, April 12, 2013

Move In Day

Inter Community House
The snow is melted, and it's starting to green up.
Today is move in day.
For years, we've continue to talk about religious life, where it is and where it is headed. One of the issues we have identified is the need for vibrant communities where religious women can live among other younger religious who are in active ministry, committed to justice, sustainability and spirituality.
So tomorrow, that dream takes a giant step toward reality. I mentioned earlier that we were moving toward concrete plans. Well, I guess moving in is about as concrete as you can get.
It's a modest house in a working neighborhood. We will be part of an eco-village - a group of families in the neighborhood committed to sustainability and justice.
There are also other intentional Christian communities nearby, so there is lots of good energy and mutual support in that network as well.
There is room for four sisters, I'm the first to move in, and there are several others interested in the project. I'm hoping someone will be ready to move in soon. There are also other places in the neighborhood, when we outgrow our current space.
The veggies are sprouting and there will soon be fresh greens and other signs of spring. We'll cooperate with others in the ecovillage to work at sustainability practices.
If any younger sister finds herself in the St. Louis area and needs a place to lay her head for a bit, let me know. There should be space over the summer, e.g. for urban retreats or vacations.
Say a prayer for a smooth move in and lots of good greening energy for this project.


  1. I will keep you in my prayers. The time has come and more than come for such communities.
    Sr. Patti McClellan (ret.)

  2. So happy for you, Amy! I can't wait to hear more in the coming weeks and months.
    Peace, Kristin

  3. This sounds very exciting, Amy. You will be in my prayers!