Saturday, July 5, 2014

Love Is Always the Answer

Jesus’ story can never be captured by reading it alone. Others come to know it in the breaking of the bread and in the sharing of our lives together when we gather in Jesus’ name. Jesus is the foundation, the gospel is the task, and community is the process.
In small, local communities we can share life that is undifferentiated, immediate, and egalitarian. These communities can network to share services while affording each community the freedom and versatility to adapt to its local reality. Resisting the drive toward centralization, they can become circles of gospel living, peace, and justice. They can be mystics and prophets in a world desperately in need of them.
All human life is created for mysticism and prophecy.
All of Christian life aspires to it.
Religious life is deliberately and purposefully oriented to mysticism and prophecy.


  1. How awesome Amy... Living the Gospel way with like minds is a counter cultural way of being mystics and prophets particularly in our environment, taking into account the needs of our lived reality... How helpful it would be to work with others who have a similar vision:-)

  2. Thank you, Amy! That notion of small, local, independent communities is a thread of our CSSJ history that is palpable to me during my visit here in Le Puy...another aspect of our beginnings that energizes me in weaving our present into our future!