Friday, April 5, 2013

Community of Communities

We gathered Friday evening for potluck and sharing the amazing energy that is gathering around the notion of building community in response to today's challenges, in response to the longing in our own hearts, in response to our desire to live the gospel more intentionally, to live more simply and sustainably and to support one another in the work of justice.
Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox, Anglican, Presbyterian, some of us straddling several traditions.... We were all there. We were all welcome.
We shared food for body and soul, and spoke of new communities forming, of people looking for community and people who had already established themselves in communities. "This is how I want to live." "This is how I feel called to live." "I see myself in community for the rest of my life."
As we exchanged stories and dreams, we also shared contact information and plans for getting together for more conversation and mutual support. I sensed I'm part of a movement larger than myself. By building community in my house and in my neighborhood, I can also build this movement. I stand in solidarity with everyone working for justice and sustainability and the spread of God's creative love in hearts and lives and neighborhoods.
Yes, this is why I love community people. This is where I belong. Thanks everyone for a wonderful night.

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