Friday, April 26, 2013

Beguines Old and New

The world's last Beguine died in Flanders on April 14, 2013. The movement lasted nearly one thousand years. See a report on this here.

Marcella Pattyn died on April 14, the day after I moved into the new intercommunity house. This is particularly poignant because in one listing, I named this community the Beguines of St. Louis.

There is a sense in which I feel blessed by this last Beguine who stayed around till this house opened and we could re-ignite this women's movement that is rooted in radical gospel living. Marcella will have to stay with us, as we rekindle the fires and gather anew in this way of life.

I blogged sometime back about the Beguine movement - you can check out those posts here. I find this movement intriguing. The women faced challenges to living religious life in the conventional way in their day and age. So they found creative ways to build communities and a lifestyle that would support them in their vocational choice.

I call on Marcella to be with us, and bring all her Beguine sisters to pray for us and support us as we continue the great work of religious life, under their special patronage and inspiration.


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  1. This makes me tear up. Rest in peace Marcella, rest in peace.

    The Beguines were very unique, and such an important thread of the fabric of who we are. I did not know that there were any left! I am saddened to hear of Marcella's passage.