Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gangster Gardener

"Growing your own food is like printing money."

I have a back-yard garden for the first time in... a long time.
I can say a whole-hearted YES to Ron's ideas.
Another friend at Carondelet Community Garden Urban Farm writes this:
Grow food for recreation! Grow to make yourself happy! Growing anything can be very rewarding, calming, therapeutic and an excellent hobby. You wanna grow the biggest celery or the rarest vegetable? Do it! We grow when we grow!
Growing my own food means my veggies won't be ...
poisoned by herbicides and pesticides,
grown in GMO monocultures,
picked and shipped by underpaid workers, or
trucked for hundreds of miles.
Growing my own food is ...
an opportunity for me to slow down and spend time in the fresh air,
an opportunity to get out and meet and share with my neighbors,
my joint project with air, earth, wind and sun,
a reminder than I am one with nature, and
a gift of God and a space for prayer,
Here's to gardening!!!

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  1. Yes! And remember to chat with the marvelous worms and thank them for their work, along with the bees. Also support your local farmers and buy from farmer's markets if you have access. And .... love the dandelions ... they are rich in vitamins and you can make wine from the flowers (tho I never have!) :-)