Saturday, April 20, 2013

All this life and heaven too: A wide-open YES

Silvana offers this reflection:

All this life and heaven too: A wide-open YES: A few weeks ago, on the 25th March, I wrote about the Annunciation on its "proper" day (here).  It was a wintry, frosty day, and I...


Thanks Silvana for a reminder about a 'proper' yes. A yes to vocation is a yes that has the potential of growing your whole life, growing to the 'size' of God. It is always a challenge and a gift the living God, creator of the sun and moon and stars, and the deepest ground of our being. A wide-open, no-holding-back, joyful YES to the God of Love.



  1. Hi - I've just seen the link to this post in my stats! I've also been reading your blog, whenever I see it on FB. Always good to read life-giving, positive, non-angry blogposts! Maybe we could link to each other's blogs?

  2. Sure, I would love to link - you have some great stuff too. I guess I could add a blog-roll. Originally I was thinking of this more as a collaborative blog on emerging energy in religious life. So anytime you have something that connects to that conversation, let me know and I can cross post. Thanks.