Saturday, February 22, 2014

Future: Next Exit

I love this sign.
With all the talk about the future and where we are headed, I can begin to wonder when and where that future will begin. One sister offered the notion that we really need to talk about the present. Where are we now and what do we want and need to be building to support the members of our community now and to support those men and women who are joining us.
So I ask myself: what is my exit? Who will I find there ready to build vibrant community? When Jesus sent the disciples out two by two, I'm sure they were challenged to find the way to bring the gospel to new and different towns. Today, we bring the good news of religious life to new and different generations, to new and different social places.
Without map or GPS, I have to tap into the God of past, present and future who will guide my footsteps and choices as I move forward. The path is made by walking it. And it is a gift to be present in this time of chaos, ambiguity and grace.

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