Saturday, February 1, 2014


In the next twenty years or so, the size of religious congregations will shrink significantly. I trust that there will eventually be a revival in religious life, but I do not know when it will happen. In the meantime, my sense is that the new generation of young religious are called to be a bridge that will span this gap. What we have before us now is an opportunity to learn from the past and to prepare well for the future. When people look back on our time, I hope that they will say this is what we did.... read whole post...
This is a great post aboutThis is a great post that speaks to the in place we find ourselves in religious life today. I find inspiration in my own community's founding generation. A group of six women who said "let’s do something for God together." I think that story has been repeated time after time in that beginning moment of most of our religious institutes that exist today. I have a deep conviction and commitment to work together to building community, do mission and to work for sustainability and for justice. This has many names: the beloved community, communities of praxis, places where it is easier to be good, communitas...

It is is a blessing to live life together with others who are personally committed to God, and deeply committed to living Gospel values. This is the type of community that we seek to build in religious life. Vowed life in community and in mission is a privileged place to build this type of community. At the same time, the efforts we make to live community support the spirituality and mission of each of its members.

Most religious institutes are half the size they were 20 years ago. In another twenty years, they will be only a fraction of their current size. At the same time, I believe that there will be a small contingent who will continue to respond to the call to do something for God - together.


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  1. Jesus never said his disciples would be known by how many there are - but by their love. I see many small women's communities living that love and compassion and know that "all is well".