Friday, February 7, 2014

Community Living

Some of the challenges younger religious are feeling regarding religious life in the coming decades:
* It's heartbreaking to have to choose either to go where we feel a need or to go where there is healthy, life-giving community. Why should we have to choose?
* Questions abound about where to put our energy. Do we give our all to maintaining the things that are (institutions, aging sisters, etc.)? Is that why we entered? Where is the deeper need of our lives going to be met?
* Some questions to ask each other and the younger members of our communities: Do we want to live together? Is there a ministry that we would like to start together? What are our common interests? Do we have dreams for the use of any of our buildings?
* Do we need some sort of nun Craig's List to facilitate knowledge of where open community spaces and ministries might be?
* How can we connect in person maybe for short periods of time (spring breaks, vacations, retreats) to deepen relationships, support one another, and build community for the future?
Some questions, ponderings that we shared in a recent conversation.

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