Saturday, July 20, 2013

Giving Voice - National Conference

Here are some notes from the national conference of younger women religious held in California in early July.

We are building the bridge while we are walking on the bridge at the same time. We may not even know where it is going but we are walking together. We seek to be the glory of God, fully alive for the kindom of God. We are one.

Just two weeks after the “Nuns on the Bus” national tour ended in San Francisco, another group of Roman Catholic Sisters—these sisters of the younger variety, aged 25 to 49—gathered in the Bay Area for the Giving Voice National Gathering.  These “young nuns,” most of whom are the youngest members of their religious orders, prayed and reflected on the future of mission and ministry in the Church and society in the 21st Century.

Mission and Ministry in the 21st Century - Giving Voice 2013: Burning Questions from the Opening Ritual: We posted our burning questions in our meeting space On Friday night we were invited to reflect on the following questions:  What bur...

Younger nuns envision a future much smaller, but still bright

By Valerie Schmalz

Some of Sister Chero Chuma’s friends back in Kenya think she wasted her visa to the United States – becoming a religious and joining an order of mostly elderly nuns in the Seattle area.
“It is amazing when you feel a call and you respond to a call. It is not that you choose to do that,” said the Sister of St. Joseph of Peace who recently enrolled in the nursing program at Seattle University.
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