Saturday, July 13, 2013


I listened to On Being recently. A transgender individual was discussing her experience of identity and expression of that identity.
Feeling an inner truth about herself and her identity, she was nevertheless required by her physical maleness to live another identity. When she transitioned, she was more comfortable with her identity. Yet those around her, accustomed to the previous identity felt less comfortable, and various people 'preferred' one identity or the other.
It was a touching story of a person's journey into self discovery and inner truth.
The account brought me to reflect on the notion of identity and the various expressions of that identity in my own life and my own circles. Identity is a tricky thing since each of us is many things at the same time. Some of our identities and expressions are superficial, and can be taken up and left off at will. E.g. I'm a Cardinals fan, but that's not a core identity.
What is my core identity and how do I express that identity to those among whom I live and work, and in the circles in which I move?
In God-space I am most wholly who I am, created by God, who is Love. Created by Love for Love. God is Love. God is a verb not a noun. God creates by Loving. God Loves by creating. God creates in the divine image, so I am an image of God-Love.

I express this identity in many ways, as a person, neighbor, christian, friend, sister and Sister.



  1. Hi Sister,

    Isn't his identity what God intended?

  2. Ok so maybe I'm misunderstanding. You talk about being created in God's image but earlier say it's a touching story of a search of self discovery and for inner truth. God created him. That is truth, no? Yet he is 'transitioning' to something God did not intend. Isn't that going against God's will?

  3. I don't think so. For some of us, gender is clear male or female. For others, there are elements of both, and physical, psychic, emotional space may not fit neatly into one or the other.
    However, this is not my central point. The central point is we are created in the image of God / Love, and as we move through life, we express that in ways that are closer or further from our core identity. It is a blessing to be in a community where our deepest truth in the God space can be expressed, accepted and nurtured.