Sunday, July 21, 2019

Be, Be for and Be with

I am at our congregational chapter and we are having excellent conversations about who we are as Sisters of St. Joseph. As we continue our conversations, we are coming to a natural consensus about the articulation of our identity for this present moment in our congregational story.
In the course of our conversations, I was particularly struck by one formulation that is connected with the principles of the new cosmology. Those three principles are interiority, diversity, and communion.

  • Interiority is living into and living out of our core identity as called into life and holiness by our loving creator.
  • Diversity acknowledges that every person, and every living being, and every rock, and star, and particle is called into being by the same loving creator.
  • Communion acknowledges that our loving creator, the God of Love, placed the desire for relationship at the deepest core of each of us. 
We have come to articulate these as:
  • Interiority - Be who we are
  • Diversity - Be for others in service
  • Communion - Be with others as we serve others 
We acknowledge with St. Augustine that our weight is our love, and that it pulls us into relationship, and into loving communion with God and with our Dear Neighbor (a familiar phrase in our community).

Our conversations are very rich and call us to renew the best of who we are and what we are called to be.


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