Friday, February 7, 2020

Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm And Blues Hit Vocal Groups Vinyl Record LP US ...As a the Sisters of St. Joseph team and council, we have completed our first half-year. Early in our term, one of the sisters advised me, "You’re just freshmen. Give yourselves time to adjust." Th at has been such a great image for me. We have a four-year term and we have just completed our first semester. I feel like I’m beginning to get a rhythm for the ministry of Province Leadership. We continue working for you through the post-Christmas lull and its associated winter blues, and we ask for your prayers in our mission. So yes, you guessed it. I’m talkin’ rhythm and blues!
As for the rhythm, the team and council meet for three days at the beginning of every other month. We begin with time for prayer and sharing of the heart. We also try to include time for relaxation and celebration during our days together.
We have been inviting the department heads to come in one-by-one and discuss their current operations and plans moving forward. These have been good opportunities to further our understanding of the province departments and to work toward open communication. At the January meeting, we met with the Health and Wholeness staff to better understand this important ministry and the hopes and challenges of serving our sisters’ needs.
We review the province's financial report, discuss our ministry fund and approve some requests. We also discuss updates on various projects and aspects of province life.
In addition to these semi-monthly meetings, we serve as the province investment committee that meets quarterly.
As a team, we meet weekly on Wednesday mornings. We begin with prayer and sharing. We often bring the week’s prayer requests to our circle along with upcoming meetings and events, holding them in prayer. Th en we move into the more immediate business. We share projects or concerns and get input from each other. We try to finish our morning with those gathered in Holy Family Chapel for the regular Wednesday Midday Prayer.
I’m also trying to strike a balance personally with prayer, community, family, consultation ministry and personal wellness. Let me say it’s a work in progress.
For the blues part, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the cold dark days of winter can be challenging to many of us, myself included. Many are also facing illness and death among family and friends, personal illness and major life transitions. It is a time to count on the indomitable promise of spring in the seasons of Earth and the seasons of our lives. The waiting of Advent gives way to the waiting of winter, and that can test our patience.
I have to choose what gives me life and reminds me of this promise of spring. I nourish my mind, body, and spirit with healthy foods and with good reading and good friends in community and beyond. I exercise my mind, body, and spirit by walking and ice-skating, and by exploring new ideas and new friendships. I find time to rest and relax alone, with my friends and with my God.
Let’s pray for each other and let the meaningful beat of our personal and community’s “rhythm and blues” intermingle in a chorus of hope.