Friday, July 13, 2018

Sister with... Sister for...

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I was recently with a group of sisters reflecting on the gift of religious life as it is and it is unfolding among us. We had a rather well-known presenter had lots of things I resonated with, other things that I completely disagree with. We also had an opportunity to discuss what we heard and reflect it through our own experience. This conversation was really the best part of our gathering and the part that will continue to resonate with me.
I believe that we are called as religious women to be "sisters with" one another 
  • as we walk the spiritual journey over a life time.  
  • as we live together in community through the best of times and the worst of time
  • as we hear and respond to the cry of the poor and marginalized.
At the same time, we are called to be "sisters for" all the people of the world, for the community of faith, to those who need 
  • a prayer, 
  • a smile, 
  • an embrace.
I believe that vowed life in community enables us to be persons who can be sisters, to have a freedom and mutuality with and for each other, and with and for those we serve. It enables to be sisters, companions and friends.

  • I experience being sister in my family of origin. 
  • I experience being sister in my religious community. 
  • I experience being sister to the women with whom I live. 
  • I experience being sister to religious men and women that I serve in my ministry. 
  • I experience being sister to those sitting with me on the bus. 
  • I experience being sister in the ecovillage where I live. 
  • I experience being sister along side those with whom I march, protest and stand in solidarity.
It has been a gift to me to live into this reality.

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