Friday, September 25, 2015

Women of Strength

In a special way I would like to express my esteem and my gratitude to the religious women of the United States. What would the Church be without you? Women of strength, fighters, with that spirit of courage which puts you in the front lines in the proclamation of the Gospel. To you, religious women, sisters and mothers of this people, I wish to say “thank you”, a big thank you… and to tell you that I love you very much. (Pope Francis Sept 24, 2015)
The Pope has expressed his support for women religious several times in the last few weeks. The message helps me to focus on the central call of our lives, to live and proclaim the Gospel. To be women of faith, who live a particular call within the community of faith and for the community of faith. We have the gift and the responsibility to live lives deeply committed to the Gospel, to spirituality and to the mission of Jesus.
What a joy to see crowds of people taken up with the enthusiasm of the Pope's visit and his simple but profound message of faith and joy. I hope to take time in the coming days and weeks, to read and reflect on the messages that he has brought in his various messages. If you want join me in reflecting on the messages, check the Vatican website here.

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