Saturday, December 20, 2014

Apostolic Visitation Report

Much has been said, written and speculated on the Apostolic Visitation Report. I suppose it ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous. I would add my reflections:
  1.  We sisters came to a wider awareness of our common sisterhood. Many in the younger generations have experienced this from the beginning of our religious lives. This consciousness was expanded through the experience of the Visitation.
  2. The Roman center of the Church discovered the richness of the American experience of religious life, in contrast to some of the narrow myths that seemed to underlie the Visitation.
  3. The report presents a balanced and pastoral assessment of the current state of religious life and a invitations to move forward in some key areas. They may form the basis for ongoing reflection and growth as religious life evolves over the coming decades:
    1. Charism
    2. Vocation and Formation
    3. Prayer and Theology
    4. Community
    5. Leadership 
    6. Financial Stewardship
    7. Ecclesial Ministry and Communion
  4. After all that has gone into the Visitation and its response and report, now let's get on with living the Gospel.

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