Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Pope, New Dream, New House

Wow, what a week. The good news about the papal election seems to be indeed good news for the 99% of the church and of the world. People who could use a friend in high places, people who can hope for a better tomorrow. One papal election can't do it all. I think we need moderation and we all have to do our part. But I find the election of Pope Francis to be a tremendous boost to my hopes for living a radically gospel centered life and inviting others to join. What can we all do together for the least of Jesus brothers and sisters?

Then there is this video by Bono on the alleviation of extreme poverty. Not only can we do this, we are doing it. Together, we can end poverty.

And my final good news is the new house. I should be moving into the new inter-community house just after Easter. I believe it is an opportunity to be more intentional about community, about rebuilding the church and about rebuilding a more just and sustainable world.

This period of lenten renewal is an opportunity to open to the spirit and let the dream of God become a reality in our hearts and lives, in our church, and in our communities and world.


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