Friday, March 18, 2016

Feast of St. Joseph

יהוה להוסיף - Joseph - then name means God will add/increase; God will give in abundance.
On the threshold of the change of seasons,
On the threshold of the turning of the liturgical calendar,
On the threshold of today and tomorrow....
God will give increase, in abundance, overflowing, bursting forth.

We celebrate the feast of St. Joseph we are called into community, where we gather in abundance, we are called into spirituality where learn to love freely, we are called into justice, where we give freely so that others may be free.

We celebrate the feast of St. Joseph as we move into Holy Week, into sacred mystery, into the dynamic of dying and rising, into the circle of life, into the dance of the Divine.

Blessings on each and all of us as we ponder the movements of this week, the abundance of God and the gifts we have to give to God's people.


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