Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trust Time

Seven 2.0 sisters gathered last evening for a potluck and conversation. It is always a delight to come together and share prayer, food and conversation. Life, hope, dreams and the joy of living religious life are inexhaustible topics of conversation.
At the same time, we also talked about the communication gap that we experience when trying to share these things with the wider religious life community. 
My own community is asking these days to hear our voices as we contemplate our current reality and the coming decades of religious life. We had the opportunity over the summer to gather and to speak decisively about this reality. Yet our elder sisters are having trouble hearing this voice, giving it credence and trusting us with our own future. 
So last night, I believe we took an important step. We cannot wait for this hearing and credence and trust. We come together and nourish the life, hope, dreams and joy of our lives in shared community. We put our lives on the line. We speak decisively. We act courageously. We trust the spirit. We trust time.

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