Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sisters 2.0 Quarterly Phone Call

INTRODUCTIONS: We introduced ourselves and sisters shared various experiences of finding deeper meanings and connections as we move through various phases of our lives. Many of us spoke of the importance of community, and finding those communities of growth and support that helped along the way.

SISTERS 2.0: We discussed the background of Sisters 2.0 - a conversation of 'older-younger' women religious as we navigate the present historical moment in our communities, in the church and in our world.

QUARTERLY CALLS: We talked about what we find helpful about the quarterly phone calls, and networks of women religious: resonance, common experience, support in living and deepening our life of faith, our lives in community and our lives as women religious.

CALL TOPIC: We thought that it might be good to focus the next call on a topic, or a presenter, as a discussion starter. Input followed by Q&A, then conversation. Next call we want to talk about the challenges of finding communities to live in, with so many sisters living alone.

YEAR OF CONSECRATED LIFE: We also shared about the Year of Consecrated Life, some creative ideas for celebration: Vatican Celebrations, USCCB recommendations, Local celebrations. We would like to make a contribution as Srs2.0. Maybe we can prepare an article on our next phone conversation and offer it to America, NCR, etc.

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  1. Amy, I so appreciate your blog and, more importantly, the vision that it reflects. Wanted to say also that I have started reading your book and I love it -- for the content and also your creative, talented writing style.