Monday, December 16, 2013

LivingVoice - SistersRising

A group of us have been exploring relationships and pro-actively engaging the next 20-30 years of religious life. Many things will happen, many things will change. We will grieve the loss of most of the women religious alive today.
We Are...
  • A peer-led, self-organized space for visioning and fostering future oriented initiatives for religious life 
  • Inspired by Giving Voice and its circle process 
  • Established and committed finally-professed women religious 
  • Born after 1955 and generally born before 1975 
  • Trusting the spirit to gather the women who are meant to join this movement.
We will welcome new paradigms, new models and new energies that are emerging.
We are also continuing to search for a name, for now, we're using a lot of tentative names, and we can see what sticks: LivingVoice, SistersRising, VisionSpace... any other ideas?

Among the projects we are envisioning are:
  • VisionSpace July 5-7, 2014 @ Marcella House/New Beguines, St. Louis, Mo.
  • Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed. Jn. 20:29 - Guided Retreat
    • This Guided Retreat is an opportunity for women religious who entered after Vatican II to reflect on their call to consecrated life in a time of tremendous change, experimentation, uncertainty, and diminishment.  
    • Presenter: Janet Gildea SC
    • Sunday, June 29th – Saturday, July 5th, 2014
    • Maris Stella Retreat Center
  • Summer Sisters
    • Inviting women religious to form intentional community with women interested in religious life for 3-5 weeks over the summer. Living, Working and Praying together. 
    • Community practices include: shared meals, shared prayer, large active organic garden, sustainability practices, justice actions. 
    • Summer 2014 @ Marcella House/New Beguines, St. Louis, Mo.
    • Email for more information or to register.
  • On-line forum 
    • To be determined
  • Quarterly Conference Call
    • Next call is March 18, 2014 - (between St. Patty and St. Joe), 6pm Central
    • Email for more information or to register.

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