Saturday, January 12, 2013

New House Forming

For some time now, I have sensed the urgency to commit to the future of religious life as it is emerging today. I have been longing for a community where we share our radical commitment to living the Gospel personally, communally and in ministry. I have been involved in many conversation circles that explore the new energy stirring among us, circles where we expressed a desire to continue the contemplative process and conversation, moving into action.
In this spirit, I am joining with others in starting an intentional community of younger women religious where we can explore this emerging future in a practical manner. Two of us are currently looking for housing, in St. Louis, probably a rental house with 4-5 bedrooms where we can begin community together. Others are interested in the project, and as the group grows, we hope to find nearby houses. Following a village model will provide some flexibility as we grow into our new reality.
This community will be the chance to move forward concretely with plans for vibrant community, simple gospel living, and commitment to spirituality and to sustainability. If this sounds like what you are looking for, let me know.
One of the keys to the project is providing a community where younger women religious can support one another in prayer, community and mission. As each of our communities ages, it becomes more and more difficult to find 
Over the past several months, in addition to networking with sisters from various congregations, I've been networking with intentional communities in the area. We have various foci: sustainability, community, spirituality, peace and justice. We also know that by sharing our journeys and networking with one another, we can all bring our dreams closer to a reality.
Giving Voice - St. Louis
St. Louis Ecovillage Network


  1. All the best with this venture Amy. Wish I was 50 years younger and about 3,000 miles closer!
    Many blessings.
    Barbara, and Daisy

  2. Blessings on this project. I'm also making plans to start an intentional religious community for Catholic artists working in the arts and ministering to those working in the arts. It's an exciting as well as daunting thing to do.

    It sounds like this is a community which will be made up of sisters from different institutes. Will the members: a) transfer their membership to this new community; b) live there temporarily, and then return to their communities to share the fruits of the experience with them; or c) live there permanently, but while remaining members of their original institutes and with the permission of their superiors?

  3. Great! Also, looking to form community around evolutionary activism.

  4. Thanks everyone. Let's pray for each other as we try to make these dreams a reality.
    @ Cole: We are hoping to let this evolve and see where it takes us. Currently there is no plan to separate from our communities of origin. However, for most of us, our congregations are at a tipping point demographically with median ages approaching 80yrs. It's not certain how much longer they can continue. For now, this is an effort to form life giving communities. In time and by the grace of God, it may become something new.

  5. God continues to bless you in this marvelous project. Take care. Saskia