Friday, July 15, 2016

Plants and Mercy

I joined our sisters at Nazareth Living Center to reflect with them on Plants and Mercy. For they year of mercy, they have been gathering monthly for a presentation on mercy. I talked to the sisters gathered there about my experience with plants and with the mercy of God.
God is Love, and Love is God.
In the beginning, when the earth was a formless waste, God created - created by loving. God created in the divine image - created in love. God loves by creating, creates by loving. And this loving, creating God invites us also to be the best of ourselves by loving and creating in God's image.
When this love of God meets pain, it takes on the face of mercy.
When this love of God meets weakness, it takes on the face of mercy.
When this love of God meets sorrow, it takes on the face of mercy.
When this love of God meets suffering, it takes on the face of mercy.
In today's world, I can hear the cry of the earth, crying in pain and suffering....
Crying in pain for fracking.
Crying in pain for pollution.
Crying in pain for habitat destruction.
Crying in pain for soil degradation.
Crying in pain for poisoning our waters.
And when the earth cries in pain, the weakest and most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters suffer the most from lack of clean water, lack of food and lack of fuel - the basics of human living.
Mercy hears the cry and responds. Our response can be a simple prayer, whispered in hope. Our response can be our wonder and gratitude for the little signs of hope in the world of suffering. Our response can be to do our part to make a difference in this world.
Mercy looks like turning off lights.
Mercy looks like reducing, reusing, recycling.
Mercy looks like native habitat restoration.
Mercy looks like eating fresh, local and organic.
Mercy looks like talking to others about the ecological challenges and solutions.
Mercy looks like advocating with government and businesses and neighborhoods.
Mercy looks like supporting one another in our choices.
In this year of mercy, I commit to living more lightly on the earth, to taking steps to lessen my use and dependence on plastics and fossil fuels. And I commit to solidarity with others in this movement and solidarity with my brothers and sisters who suffer most when the earth is degraded.


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