Saturday, September 21, 2013

Called to "Amen"

Summer time is a time for community meetings in many congregations of Sisters and Brothers. In my ministry, I am blessed to share this time with different communities, as I come in for a day or several days to share my expertise and experience with them.

Community meetings, chapters and assemblies are times to pray, struggle, live and celebrate together. I've heard a lot about transformation in these meetings. Evolving into something new and better, greater, etc.
Augustine, the great expert in transformation, tells us that transformation begins with dissatisfaction with who we are, or how things are going. This growing dis-ease combines with a longing for a better version of ourselves, or a more integral, more radical road. I believe that some individuals and groups of sisters and brothers are called to this transformation that sets out and takes nothing for the journey: --no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.
I believe that part of the challenge to transformation at this moment for the larger group is that there is much that is right with who we are and how things are going. This is true, even if it is not sustainable and many communities are in their last generation. We already hear the faint whisper: well done, good and faithful servant.... And in this moment, I believe that the transformation that we are called to  is a "yes-to-what-is", and thanksgiving for all that has been. I believe that call of this moment is the call to "Amen".

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