Saturday, June 8, 2013

Riverside Meditation

This morning I woke up looking over the Ohio River. It is a lovely, peaceful view. When I first woke, the water was glassy still as the current moved slowly down stream. Then little by little, the wind and waves picked up. Still a gentle scene, but the water is more active, the glassy stillness is gone.
It reminds me of my own waking into a place of contemplation in the early morning hours. There is nothing to disturb my quiet resting in the God of Love. Gradually as the day begins, people and events blow over that glassy stillness as I engage the people of God and the things of God.
As the day flows on, I try to let some of that quiet stillness in the God of Love flow through the day, and flow through me into the people and events I encounter.


  1. Good Morning Amy,
    I can relate the feelings of recognizing the "place of contemplation" when I am sculling by myself in the early hours of a Sunday morning. While I haven't done this yet this spring, just the thought brings a quiet resting to my being amidst the engagements of the day. Thanks for gifting me this day.

  2. Thank you for this gift, very beautiful.