Sunday, August 26, 2012

Emerging Religious Life: Roots and Newness

BLOG on EMERGING RELIGIOUS LIFE: A lot of people talk about what religious life is growing into, and how it is transitioning into something very new and different.  When you look back it has been doing that for 50 years or so.... Read more....

Jennifer Gordon, at the LCWR Assembly, August 9, 2012

I’ve spent some time this summer sorting through old papers and recently came across the notes I had taken during a Region XIII Intercommunity Formation Gathering that I attended as a second-year candidate in 2003.  Our own Sister Janet Mock was our presenter for the weekend, and she spoke about religious life in general, and about our vows in particular, from the ecclesial, cultural, charismatic and communitarian contexts.  And she asked us, “Why live this life if we’re not living it at that liminal edge?” Read the full text...

Video from the CSSJ Federation Novitiate

They "wanna be nuns"

LCWR Presidential Address

We stand in the power of the dying and rising of Jesus. I hold forever in my heart an expression of that from the days of the dictatorship in Chile: “Pueden aplastar algunas flores, pero no pueden detener la primavera.” “They can crush a few flowers but they can’t hold back the springtime.” Read more in English...  EspaƱol...

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